Amputee Football

June – August 2019

The amputee football team consists of players who, due to illness or accident, have lost one limb (after unilateral amputation of the lower limb – for field players, or the upper limb for goalkeepers) and normally replace it with a prosthesis. But on the football field, they participate in a sports competition without prostheses, supporting themselves with crutches and showing that sport has no barriers and restrictions. It’s practised in several dozen countries. The Miedziowi Polkowice team competes in Ekstraklasa league in Poland. Miedziowi are newcomers in this competition, this is their first season. Although the sports results are not always as they expect, the players themselves say that strength lies in the extraordinary fortitude and cultivation of optimism. Sports achievements are preceded by hard physical work, the most important pillars of which are the willingness and will to fight.