Life at the time of pandemic

July 2020 –

Everyday life at the time of pandemic

The photographic reportage was completed entirely with a thermal camera. The moment I realized that I wanted to document everyday life during the pandemic, I instantly knew that I had to choose a form that would amplify the effect of these very commonplace situations that are often far from being spectacular in terms of photography. In the reportage, I wanted to focus on everyday life not during the virus pandemic, but in spite of it. I am looking for an answer to the question on how COVID-19 affects us as a society, how it determines our behavior in everyday life, what mark it leaves on us, and how it will change our everyday life in the future. I focused on the everyday life of the Poles, consciously omitted the medical aspect. The reportage shows the life in 2020 – filled with bans and orders. I recorded a picture of everyday life during the pandemic.